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Product Descriptions
Order Policy
License and Purchase Agreements
Info about HMH Plans
Modifications & Design
Homeowners' Modifications Request
Custom Design Option
Restrictions and Copyrights

Product Descriptions:
Construction set package includes:
Front, sides and rear exterior elevations @1/8" = 1'-0" scale
Dimensioned and detailed floor plans and roof plan @3/16" =1'-0" scale
Dimensioned and detailed foundation plan @3/16" =1'-0" scale
Floor and roof Framing plans @3/16" =1'-0" (not available for all homes)
Ceiling/Lighting/electric outlet and switch location plans @1/8" =1'-0"
2 typical building sections 3/16" =1'-0"
4-9 typical wall sections 3/8" =1'-0"
1-2 Typical detail sheets 1" =1'-0"
Some plans may include interior elevations of major focal areas @3/16" =1'-0"
Some plans may include 3D views of Kitchen and bath areas

Also available, the following products:
Single Review Set
Additional Sets
Material Lists
Builder Sales Flyers
Half sized Preview Sets (if available)
8 x 10 Color Rendering of Front Elevation
16 x 20 Color Rendering of Elevation
High Rez animation fly by available on DVD

Reversed Sets:
All of our construction sets are drawn to reflect the layout as rendered on the product pages of this website. Should you need or desire to build the home in the reverse orientation, simply order plan reverse sets. The letters and dimensions will also be altered so as to read correctly for a completely readable set of documents. There is a fee for this service, please consult the pricing schedule.

Reproducible Sets:
Reproducible vellums and CAD file are available for a fee, please consult the pricing schedule.

Info about HMH Plans:
HIGH MODERN HOMES plans are designed to the highest standards of quality and go through an extensive review process to ensure accuracy. Nevertheless all drawing are subject to ongoing change and refinement. Any plan dimensions shown on the product pages are approximate. Consult each models working drawings for actual dimensions and information. Animations and computer renderings are artist’s conceptions. Total square footage figures represent living area only. No plumbing or mechanical plans are included. These should be obtained from a local engineer to ensure mechanical equipment is sized correctly for your regional building codes and climatic conditions. All of our plans are designed to meet the requirements of Standard Building Codes in effect at the time and place the plan was drawn. Codes are subject to change. We cannot warrant compliance with any specific codes or ordinances and we make no guarantee as to their full compliance in your locality. Please be advised that many states, counties and municipalities amend the codes in their area. Always consult your local building officials to determine the specific plan, code and site requirements. High Modern Homes home plans are not stamped by an architect or engineer and you may need stamped documentation to build in your area so consult your local building code officials either directly or through your contractor professional. Minor modifications required to meet local requirements can be made through a local design professional or through the modification process at HMH for a nominal hourly fee. Please contact HMH to secure a quote for modifications required in your area. Be advised that should additional changes be needed to comply with your local codes HMH is not responsible for having those additional changes made unless you specify those changes in writing and are quoted for such changes. The purchaser should ensure that the plans comply with all applicable building codes and are suitable for a particular site, including any subdivision restrictions, before actual construction begins. After you receive your plans, you may wish to have a licensed, registered architect and or a licensed, registered engineer in your area review the plans before actual construction begins. Because we have no control over the selection of your builder, or other professionals, we cannot be responsible for the advice or assistance you receive from them or for the methods they use. HMH retains the copyright to all of our plans.

The square footage of all HMH plans is calculated by measuring from the outside face walls. The square footage does not include garages, fireplaces enclosures, porches, decks, unassigned basements, mechanical zones or, vaulted skylight areas. Stairs, balconies and bridge walkways are counted.

Our plans include most if not all drawings typically needed for construction, except for site-specific information and heating or cooling requirements. We make no claim that all possible details one may wish for are presented but the sets are very complete and buildable by most professional contractors. Framing plans are available for many, but not all home plans.

The Foundation Series homes designed by HMH were created for lots sloping from back to front with large walkout daylight lower level areas. Lower level daylight areas are located at the front, or street side of the home, unless noted. The lower levels are designed to use load bearing poured concrete or reinforced concrete masonry walls as structural support along with several interior steel columns on pad footings. For column, beam and joist sizing the plan will need to be checked by a local structural engineer and or the local Truss Joist engineering and supply affiliate. The foundation walls are designed as 10" poured wall construction at a height of 9’-0" (they can also be 8”or 12” reinforced concrete masonry). Large areas of our lower levels are designed as premium finished space and this square footage is included in the overall calculated square footage of the house.

Slab on grade
Although most HMH Foundation series designs can be modified to slab on grade construction the drama of the front elevation will be impaired. A fee quote for the slab on grade design can be obtained by contacting HMH

Order Policy:
HMH intends to give you prompt, courteous service. Upon receipt of your order, it will be processed within days.
All plan purchases are final. No refunds or exchanges are offered.
Orders for additional sets may be processed for 90 days after the original purchase date. Beyond that date, any reorder will be considered a new order.
Check your order requirements. In determining the total number of set you require, please keep the following in mind:
To study the layout and design in detail, one unlicensed review set is generally sufficient.
To build the home, you may need up to 10 sets (licensed).
Customize your order by using the available reverse or extra set options.
Check with your lender, subdivision association, plan commission, local building department and builder to determine the number of sets required to obtain all pricing, permits and approvals.

Payment Method:
We accept Visa or Mastercard. Cash and Checks (drawn on U.S. bank)

Shipping and Handling
Shipping costs may increase without notice. We ship our plans via UPS within 7 days of receipt of order or arrange for them to be shipped directly from our nationwide electronic blueprint resource. As a result, we will need a street address to properly process your order. Shipping costs increase with additional sets or other products. International shipping rates are higher. A signature is required for all deliveries.

License and Purchase Agreements
License Agreements
The License Agreement defines the terms and conditions of the licenses High Modern Homes issues granting permission to use our home plans and other products that are available for purchase. Customer's acceptance and use of the Licensed Plan constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

Review Set
A Review Set purchase does not include a license to build a home. These plans are for study and evaluation purposes only. Construction from these plans is strictly prohibited. Any reproduction in whole or in part is also prohibited. If you decide to build this plan please contact our office to upgrade and acquire a licensed building set.

Art Work Purchase
Artworks supplied by HMH are intended only for the preparation of marketing materials. Within limits you may reproduce or modify HMH supplied artwork for your own advertising purposes. The purchase of artwork materials from HMH does not include a license to construct a home. Construction from HMH supplied artwork is strictly prohibited. If you decide to construct a home from the artwork purchased, please contact our offices to acquire a licensed building set.

Modifications & Design
High Modern Homes, is very concerned to meet the needs and goals of our clients and builders. We can make almost any change to a floor plan upon request. When modifying our designs it is paramount that we maintain the design integrity in order to ensure our clients of a superior high modern home.

Request a specific change as follows:

1.List the model number and describe in detail how you would like the specific plan modified.
2.Our experienced designers will review all your change items.
3.We study each change and how it will impact the entire design and then price the amount of hourly work required to customize the plan just for you.
4.If you request a modification that is not possible structurally or for any other reason we will let you know why it is not possible. A designer will offer possible alternative solutions.
5. We provide you with the written estimate for all requested modifications.
6. After your approval of the estimate you will review sketches and discuss the changes with a designer.
7. Finally we execute the changes and issue you your customized plans.

Here’s a sample of a modification Wish List:
Model HM3500T
Enlarge the outdoor living area between the kitchen and garage
Add 4 feet to right side of house plan
4 car garage
Change garage to side entry
Add windows to atrium space at living gallery
Simple and easy!

Typical modifications include but are not limited to the following:
  • Upgrade to a 4 Car Garage
  • Add/Delete Living Space (square footage)
  • Add additional windows
  • Garage: Front to side load or vice versa
  • Add Front or Back Porch, screened porch, sunroom or deck
  • Change exterior building materials
  • True Reverse of Plan
  • Slab Foundation Plan
  • Change exterior walls from 2"x4" to 2"x6"
  • Adjust plan for handicap accessibility
  • Add a domestic elevator
  • Engineering services

Homeowners' Modifications Request
Turn around time for modification project completion is approximately 6 weeks and the minimum charge for modifications is $750.00. The Design team at HMH will work with you to customize our plans to meet your exact specifications. A non-refundable $75.00 fee is required to receive a quote for all modifications requests. This fee will be applied to the total cost of the modifications, upon acceptance of the HMH modification quote.

Custom Design Option:
If your needs require an entirely custom home design, High Modern Homes design team is pleased to help create your dream home with a set of custom plans designed specifically for you. HMH designers can work with you to create an entirely new concept or a unique derivation of our existing styles. HMH will develop the construction documents of your dream home to reflect your unique goals and needs.

Please contact HMH directly through the contact page on our website and a design representative will contact you shortly to help you describe and quote your specific custom project.

The process for a custom designed HMH home, has two distinct phases – A. the design phase and B. the construction document phase.

the design phase :
In the design phase, you will communicate and work closely with one of our HMH designers to develop a design concept that turns your dreams, ideas, and needs into a conceptual plans. Conceptual plans include the schematic floor plans and the front view. We continue along this path until a design has been developed and approved by you.

the Construction Documents phase
After design approval, we begin construction documents. This is where your conceptual plans are transformed into a set of construction documents or blueprints. Once the preliminaries are complete we will contact you to review the drawings. These drawings show detail dimensioned plans at 3/16" scale. After any required revisions are done HMH will produce the final construction documents for your Custom Home and deliver them to you via UPS.

Restrictions and Copyrights
All High Modern Homes plans are protected under United States copyright law. To comply with U.S. copyright laws any use of the plans must be specifically authorized by High Modern Homes. This includes construction, distribution and marketing, copying or modifying the plan. All High Modern Homes copyright and title information must remain on all prints, reproducible, electronic, and sales media. High Modern Homes must be recognized as the original designer of the plan or any derivative work there from. For more copyright information see the copyright section below.

The use of our products for marketing is strictly limited to promoting the sale of a single individual home constructed from the plans. Any other means of marketing is prohibited. The High Modern Homes and Thomas P. MontAlto Architect name and logo are trademarks of High Modern Homes and Thomas P. MontAlto therefore any use without permission is prohibited.
There are no warranties made by High Modern Homes, either express or implied, other than a warranty of title. High Modern Homes specifically disclaims all warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Any violation of any of the terms, conditions, and restrictions of this Agreement shall cause the license to be immediately revoked of its own accord and without notice from High Modern Homes

Copyright Information
Copyright and licensing of home plans for construction is for the protection of all parties. It respects and supports the intellectual property of the original architect or designer. All plans sold through our website are protected by The United States Copyright Act. Reproduction of these plans, either in whole or in part, including any form of copying, distribution, dissemination, preparation, of derivative works therefrom, for any reason without prior written permission, is strictly prohibited. The purchase of a set of home plans in no way transfers any copyright or other ownership interest in it to the buyer except for a limited license to use that set of home plans for the construction of one dwelling unit. Purchase of a multi-license is on a per use basis. Each mult-license fee entitles the purchaser to build one additional dwelling unit. Purchase of reproducible home plans (in the forms of vellums, mylars or CAD files) carries the same copyright protection. A purchaser of the reproducible plan is granted a license to make copies for the purchaser's use only in the construction of one dwelling unit. This license does not include the right to sell or distribute copies to others. Making photocopies from HMH bond drawings is illegal. If additional sets are required, please contact us to purchase additional sets (within ninety (90) days of original purchase) at a nominal cost. Printers are prohibited from making copies of these plans. Copyright law is enforced, infringement thereon could cause settlements for statutory damages up to $250,000 plus attorney fees, damages and loss of profits.

Federal copyright law protects the intellectual property of architects and designers by giving copyright protection to home plans and other designs. Copyright law prevents anyone from reproducing, modifying or reusing the plans or designs without written permission from the copyright owner, in this case HMH. It is therefore illegal to create construction drawings from home designs found on the internet. It is not permissible to copy, adapt or change a floor plan or design found on this or any other website. It is also illegal to copy a constructed home that is protected by copyright, even if you have never seen the plan for the home. If a particular home plan or existing home is desired, a set of plans must be purchased from an authorized source. Further, plans may not be redrawn or modified in any way without first obtaining the copyright owner's written permission. With your purchase of plans, you are permitted to make non-structural changes by "red-lining" the purchased plans. "Redlined" plans are still copyrighted and cannot be copied. If you need to make major changes or need to have the plans redrawn for any reason you may contact our office for modification services. Even if you are licensed to make modifications to a copyrighted design, the modified design is not free from the original designer's copyright. This is considered derivative work. The sale or reuse of the modified design is prohibited. Also, be aware that any modification to the plan relieves the designer from all liability for design defects and voids all warranties expressed or implied.

Any party who participates in copyright violation may be responsible, including the purchaser, designers, architects, engineers, drafters, homeowners, builders, contractors, subcontractors, printers, developers and real estate agencies. It does not matter whether the individual knows that a violation is being committed. Ignorance of the law is not a valid defense. Please, refuse to be a party to any illegal copying or use of designs, derivative works, prints or design features by being certain of the original plan source. In the event of a suspected violation of a copyright, or if there is any uncertainty about the plans purchased, HMH or the Council of Publishing Home Designers should be contacted before proceeding. Rewards are sometimes offered for information about home design copyright infringement. Be advised that Penalties for violating copyright may be severe. The responsible parties are required to pay actual damages caused by the infringement (which may be substantial), plus any profits made by thereby. The copyright law also allows for recovery of statutory damages and legal fees, which may exceed $250,000 for each actionable infringement.

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